About Us

2020 is the year of radical change for people of color all around the world.  With the increase in violence that has been meted out to the black community especially in the US more and more black business owners are becoming conscious and striving to get their voices heard. The Black Lives Matter movement has grown beyond the US and is recognized and this slogan is used worldwide now. 

The black community has many positives but they are not always highlighted, as a black business man who is also an immigrant David is conscious of all that has been happening and wanted to put his mark out there as a positive and inspirational voice for the black and immigrant community, thus his reason for his latest venture t-shirt4mankind. This is a lifestyle brand and the aim is to promote positive messages through the brands line of quality t-shirts suited for both males and females.

Our products primary wish is to promote positive messages that motivates, educate and celebrate our people past and present. As the name suggests we create t-shirts for mankind.


Meet our founder, David Squeeze Annakie. A serial entrepreneur and philanthropist he has served the black and immigrant community in NY and the tri-state area for well over 15 years via his Linkup Media brand that has companies like Biolife Energy , Linkup Radio, USA Credit Repair and his most recent venture Biolife Farms to name a few under its umbrella.